FAM Trips

Fully hosted buyers at LAMITE 2017 will enjoy the opportunity to experience stunning Guatemala during special pre and post-event site inspections. These tours are limited in capacity and offered to accepted meeting planners only.

Guatemala is located in the heart of the Mayan World and it is the richest culture heritage in Central America, from the Mayas and the Spanish. Breathtaking lakes, colorful open-air markets, Spanish colonial cities and Mayan Archaeological Sites.  During LAMITE, tours programs are offered pre-event (June 17-19) and post-event (June 23-25) to visit Guatemala City, Lake Atitlán and Tikal National Park.

Guatemala City

Guatemala City is the access point to the country by air, a modern and cosmopolitan city.  It is the ideal setting for conferences and conventions.  It has renowned golf courses, medical centers, world-class shopping centers, museums, Historic Center is a mandatory visit.  With more than 200 years of existence, its catedral, iconic buildings, churches and museums, are a true testament to the country’s historic evolution.  The neighborhood of “Zona Viva” and  Cayalá, are some of the city’s top entertainment hubs, with exclusive hotels (Zona Viva), restaurants and bars.

Tikal National Park

Traveling north to the city, Peten holds a unique historic value for its archaeological richness (from the pre-classic, classic and post-classic periods), its fauna and its biosphere reserve.  Its numerous archaeological sites make this region the most important one of the Mayan World.  One of such sites is Tikal National Park, which was declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity Site by UNESCO in 1979.  This region also offers other attractions such as recreational centers in rivers, beaches, canopying, aquatic parks, natural reserves, customs, and traditions.  For its natural reserves, Petén is known as the lung of the región.  It shelters hundreds of species of animals and vegetation.  Such richness and forest diversity is perfect for adventure tourism, birdwatching and ecotourism.

Lake Atitlan

To the west of Guatemala City, Lake Atitlán is considered one of the most beautiful in the world by the famous writer Aldous Huxley.  Three spectacular volcanoes: Toliman, Atitlan and San Pedro are the natural setting of the lake.  It has an area of 125 squared kilometers, and it is located 1,560 meters above sea level.  Many ancient traditions are still preserved in several villages around the lake and can be visited to feel the real maya living culture.  The local Mayans wear their colorful traditional clothing.